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Yankees Being Linked To 2017 Sign-Stealing

There is more finger pointing and blame regarding the 2017 Sign-stealing drama in Major League Baseball. The Houston Astros clearly feel they have been positioned as a MLB scapegoat in the scandal. This past weekend, they decided to take jabs at New York by saying there is a letter that says otherwise. A federal judge ordered the unsealing of a 2017 letter that allegedly details “more serious” sign-stealing infractions by the New York Yankees. At this time, no details of the letter have been revealed publicly. Judge Rakoff is on record stating much of the letter’s contents were already revealed in a league-issued press release dated Sept. 15, 2017. According to that September 2017 press release, MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the Yankees had been fined for illegal use of a dugout phone during the 2015-2016 seasons while the Boston Red Sox were hit with a larger fine for illegally using an Apple Watch to steal and decipher a Yankees catcher’s signs in the same press release.

Apparently, the ruling comes as part of a lawsuit brought against MLB by daily fantasy sports contestants who felt defrauded by sign-stealing scandals in Houston and Boston. In the end, the New York Yankees lost in the 2017 ALCS to the Houston Astros that was engaged in the most severe sign-stealing scheme.

An emergency appeal is expected, but if denied, the letter is to be released June 19th.