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WWE Hall of Fame Announcer Howard Finkel Passes Away

WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel has died at the age of 69. The iconic ring announcer made his debut for the WWWF in 1977 and became its first full-time ring announcer in 1979. He began working for Vince McMahon Sr.’s World Wide Wrestling Federation in 1975 and became the company’s longest tenured employee. Howard Finkel was a ring announcer since 1977 as his voice was heard time and time again on WWE broadcasts and pay-per-views until the 2000s. The Fink would mark championship victories with his signature call, “and Nnneeeww world champion!”

When considering the greatest ring announcers in the history of sports and sports entertainment, you’d be hard-pressed to name one better than Howard Finkel. The company did not reveal the cause of his death.

R.I.P Howard Finkel