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Remembering Wrestling Legend Scott Hall, Who Passed Away at 63

Wrestling legend Scott Hall passed away on Monday evening at the age of 63.

Family, friends, and wrestling fans around the world were deeply saddened by the passing of the 2x WWE Hall of Famer.

It was announced by longtime tag team partners Kevin Nash and Sean Waltman (Xpac) that Hall would be taken off life support after suffering three heart attacks due to blood clots and complications from hip surgery.

Hall, nicknamed “The Bad Guy,” was one of the founding members of the legendary NWO with “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash.

During his time in the World Wrestling Federation, Hall also went on to have an iconic run as Razor Ramon where his feuds with Shawn Michaels and 123 Kid were some of the most memorable in Sports Entertainment history.

Beautiful sentiments and memories of Hall filled the internet as the wrestling community learned of his passing.

“We were the ‘Outsiders’ but we had each other,” Nash wrote on Instagram. “Scott always felt he wasn’t worthy of the afterlife. Well God please have some gold-plated toothpicks for my brother. My life was enriched with his take on life. He wasn’t perfect but as he always said, ‘The last perfect person to walk the planet they nailed to a cross.'”

“He took care of me when I was down and out and when everyone thought Hulkamania was dead. Scott Hall resurrected me. He put me back on the map. … I love him so much I can’t even explain it to you. -Hulk Hogan

Hall will be remembered as one of the pillars of professional wrestling and his closing statement in his Hall of fame speech defined his career perfectly.

“Hard work pays off, dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but Bad guys do.”

Rest In Peace, Chico. Your name and legacy will never be forgotten.