WPB Commissioner defends daughter accused of going out with COVID

Palm Beach County Commissioner Melissa McKinlay is defending herself and her teenage daughter after screenshots of her daughter going out in Orlando after being hospitalized with COVID-19 were made public.

During a briefing, McKinlay shared that her 19-year-old daughter who is in college, contracted COVID and was very ill.

After sharing the story, screenshots of her daughter being out in public instead of quarantining were made public.

McKinlay took to Facebook about the incident saying that it’s not right for community members to stalk their social media pages and go after her children:

“The only thing I have to say to those people is shame on you. In politics, I can talk about my experience about my child as they relate to the conversation, but the public has never gone after politicians’ children and I’m disgusted that they did this. ”

McKinlay also went on to say that the photos her daughter posted where not current:

” They assume wrongly that my daughter was out in Orlando while having COVID.”

When asked whether or not she regretted sharing strong language on her Facebook page, McKinlay said absolutely not:

” People are going to call me out for using a curse word, anyone who is watching and is a mom understands the mama bear mentality and anyone goes after your cubs, you fight back,” McKinlay said. ” Today, I stood up for my daughter and I’d do it again and no, I don’t have any regrets.”

CBS12 News spoke with the person who shared the screenshot to find out why they did so. CBS was told that the source did it because the commissioner  is making decisions that impact the entire community and she needs to be held accountable for not following her own guidelines.

The source also pointed out that the commissioner is in contact with her daughter and asked if the commissioner also quarantined during the time her daughter was ill.