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Woman pushing a baby stroller steals package from house


Officials in Palm Springs, Florida are currently searching for a woman who allegedly stole a package off of another woman’s porch in the middle of the day.

The incident was reported around 12:30 pm Wednesday on Cayman Drive.

According to the report, a woman pushing a baby  stroller through the victim’s neighborhood spotted the package at the woman’s door, then quickly jogged up to the door to retrieve the package.

The woman then took the package back to the baby stroller that she left on the sidewalk, put the package on the back of the stroller and continued walking.

The victim told police that she was home at the time of the incident, however, she did not retrieve the package herself because she was unaware that Amazon dropped it off.

“Since that person from Amazon didn’t ring the bell when he came, that’s why I didn’t notice the package was outside. That lady came maybe 5 or 6 minutes later,” the victim said.

The victim also says she is concerned because she had a complete stranger at the door of her home.

Authorities are now investigating footage captured on the victim’s home security camera.

If you have any information about this incident, you are asked to contact Detective Chris Shackelford at 561-304-4816.