Woman found guilty of dismembering woman she met on dating site

A woman in Lexington, Nebraska was found guilty on Wednesday of reportedly killing and then dismembering a woman she met on the popular dating site, Tinder.

The jury found 26-year-old Bailey Boswell guilty of first degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and improper disposal of human remains in the 2017 death of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe.

According to reports, Boswell and her then boyfriend 54-year-old Aubrey Trail came up with a plot to commit a murder. Boswell then arranged a date with Loofe on November 15th. Authorities say Loofe’s cellphone was shut off within 24 minutes of her arriving to Boswell’s apartment and that they believe Loofe was “pounced on” and killed quickly before her body was dismembered.

Loofe’s family eventually notified police after not being able to get in touch with her. After a massive search, authorities found her remains in various trash bags scattered across rural Nebraska.

While it is unclear why Boswell and Trail targeted Loofe, witnesses reported that the couple was known to talk about “witches” and “gaining powers” by committing murder. The couple also reportedly made and sold a video showing torture and murder.

Boswell told the court that she was forced into killing Loofe by her then boyfriend, however, prosecutors found that Boswell was not forced into the plot to kill Loofe, but that she worked in tandem with him to meet and kill the 24-year-old.

Since being found guilty, Boswell could become the first woman in Nebraska to be sent to death row.  Trail was found guilty last year and also faces the possibility of death row.