Where do the Heat rank amongst the NBA’s Greatest Dynasties??

With the Golden St. Warriors dynasty likely coming to an imminent end, much has been said about where they rank all-time in the conversation for greatest Dynasties of All-Time. The Warriors captured three championships in 5 years along with 5 consecutive NBA Finals appearances. In addition, the Dubs were able to win back-to-back championships in 2017 and 2018 after acquiring Kevin Durant, but fell short of a 3-peat after the Toronto Raptors won their first championship in franchise history.
Golden State’s impressive run makes us revisit the last team to miss a three-peat, the Miami Heat.

The Heat won back-to back-titles in 2012 and 2013 and had 4 straight finals appearances after acquiring LeBron James and Chris Bosh and other key role players such as Mike Miller, Shane Battier, “Birdman” Chris Andersen.

After LeBron blurted out the infamous “Not 5, Not 6, Not 7” championships with the unit, he returned to Cleveland and broke up the band after the Heat’s Finals loss to San Antonio in 2014.

Winning a championship is ridiculously hard in sports, but building a Dynasty is even harder. Let’s see where the Heat’s Big 3 Era Rank All-Time.

1. Boston Celtics (1957-1969)

If there were a Mount Rushmore in the NBA, Red Auerbach’s name would most certainly be on it. ELEVEN NBA titles in 13 years with his patent cigar in hand speaks volumes. The NBA’s MVP award is called the “Bill Russell Award” and for good reason, as the duo won a combined 21 championships, good for 2 rings on each finger of both hands, with 2 on the pinky. Sure, the size and skill level of the NBA was nothing like it is today, but that shouldn’t keep the Celtics from owning the number 1 spot.

2. Chicago Bulls (1991-1998)

Do we really need to get started with the 90s Bulls? Jordan has 6 rings and can probably come out of retirement and help a team win a championship from a reserved role. Pippen and Rodman are both unquestionable members of the Hall of Fame. Warriors coach Steve Kerr had one of the most clutch game-winning buckets of all-time. The “Zen Master” Phil Jackson brought it all together. I am guessing Hakeem Olajuwon thanked Michael for taking time off to play baseball. Bulls were so good in the 90s that even without Michael, they made the Eastern Conference Finals in ’93 and lost to Shaq/Penny’s Magic in ’94 with Pippen leading the way. The Celtics had more gold, but the 90s Bulls 72-10 (Championship) season in ‘96 will be remembered as the most successful team in NBA History.

3. Los Angeles Lakers (1980-1988)

It’s Showtime Folks! Magic Johnson was the motor behind the engine that could. Combined with the master of the “Sky Hook”  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy, the “Showtime Lakers” of the 80s were almost impossible to stop. L.A won 5 championships under Jerry Buss and teams are still trying to figure out how to replicate their game, style, and swagger.

4. Golden State Warriors (2015-19)

5 straight Finals appearances, 3 championship wins, and a new manual on how to evaluate talent, the Warriors crack the Top 5 without question. The absence of Kevin Durant made a completely different series, but we shouldn’t forget the type of impact that he had after winning 2 back-to-back Finals MVPs. With Klay and Durant likely to miss the entire 2020 season and the latter expected to join another team, all signs are pointing towards the end of the Dynasty. Bob Myers and Steve Kerr will have to have some serious contract negotiations if they want to keep the “Splash Brothers” along with Draymond Green. Let us not forget that this team has the best regular season in NBA history at 73-9, but failed to win the chip against LeBron, Kyrie, and the Cavs. That is why they are below the Bulls and Lakers on this list.

5. Miami Heat 2011-2014 (Big 3 Era)

The Miami Heat crack the top 5 for many reasons. The number 1 is Pat Riley. Did anyone think that this team would ever be assembled? Riley found a way to manipulate the cap and brought LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and many critical role players to the 305. D-Wade’s unselfishness  and an agreement from every player on the team that winning was more important than money helped form a team that made 4 consecutive Finals appearances. The Heat not only won back-to-back titles, but also had the third most consecutive wins (26) in NBA history. They were certainly a success story, but should’ve realistically won at least 1 or 2 more titles. I have them a spot below Golden St. just cracking the top 5 Dynasties of all time.

Do you agree with this list?

If not, which team is missing?