WATCH LIVE: Speaker Pelosi to Address Impeachment

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to make a statement about the impeachment proceedings this morning.
Democrats blame Trump for pressing Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter for his questionable position on a board of a corrupt Ukraine energy company.

Meanwhile, President Trump says the “Do Nothing Democrats” had a bad day yesterday in the impeachment inquiry in the House Judiciary Committee. In a series of tweets this morning, the President said Democrats have no case for impeachment and are “demeaning the country, but nothing matters to them, they have gone crazy.”

Trump explained that if the House were to impeach him, he wanted it to go fast so he can have a fair trial in the Senate and the country can get back to business. According to President Trump, he would call House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, the Bidens and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, among others, to testify. Trump said that would reveal how corrupt the system really is.

The President added he was elected to “clean the swamp and that’s what I’m doing!”