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Tucker Carlson Rips Dr. Jill Biden’s dissertation

‘jill Bidens Doctoral Dissertation Is Our National Shame Tucker Carlson Assigns A Failing Grade T

The incoming First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden has been getting lots of press due to her doctorate. Last night FOX News’ Tucker Carlson ripped apart her dissertation “STUDENT RETENTION AT THE
COMMUNITY COLLEGE: MEETING STUDENTS’ NEEDS” which she wrote to obtain her doctorate and therefore the right to be called doctor.

Read Dr. Jill Biden’s dissertation here.

Two days after The Tucker Carlson Tonight anchor said she referred to herself as Dr. Jill Biden because of “status anxiety” and likened her honorific to “Dr. Pepper”, he delivered a seven-minute monologue on the theme on Wednesday.

With what seemed to be with his tongue in his cheek, Carlson described an elaborate scenario in which a patient on the brink of death does not receive treatment from a medical professional, but instead is given a “slide show on ethnic diversity in Delaware’s community college system,” referring to the topic of Jill Biden’s doctoral dissertation.

Claiming that he had read the “embarrassing” dissertation, Carlson said it contained “typos everywhere” and accused her of being “borderline illiterate.”

“Jill Biden’s doctoral dissertation is our national shame,” he said, before claiming that there were passages with numerical errors. Perhaps acknowledging that he had gone too far, he added: “OK, we’re being cruel there.”

“In fact, we’re going to go full feminist here and admit that Dr. Jill is a lot smarter than the man she married. Not that it’s saying much,” he added, concluding that the use of such an honorific was “a class thing,” which is “based on credentials like the ones Dr. Jill Biden has.”