Town of Jupiter Reaches Deal with Harbourside Place

The town of Jupiter and Harbourside Place have reached a deal over code violations in a noise battle. The two sides signed the agreement Tuesday night according to a magistrate.

The deal comes after the town slapped $300,000 in fines for 21 code violations on the complex, claiming Harbourside needed a special permit to hold live events.

The legal battle has been going on for months with noise complaints from nearby residents fueling the conflict.

A statement from the town of Jupiter reads:

Harbourside received an approval from the Town in 2014, and promised to implement all of the terms of that approval. Since then, Harbourside has never implemented the terms it agreed to in exchange for its approval. Nevertheless, Harbourside was permitted to open, and in exchange it promised to implement the terms of its approval at a later date. Harbourside has not kept that promise. Instead of keeping those promises, or seeking a change to the terms of the approval it received, Harbourside filed a Federal lawsuit against the Town in 2016 that seeks to avoid meeting the promises Harbourside has made to the Town. Since the Federal lawsuit was filed, the Town has proposed various solutions that would permit Harbourside to operate as it was approved. Each proposal has been flatly rejected by Harbourside, because it would like to operate without complying with the terms of its approval, or any other terms, other than those it believes to be appropriate. The Town believes that Harbourside, like any corporate citizen of the Town, should live up to its promises.