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St. Petersburg detention sergeant resigns during probe about discriminatory comments

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A detention sergeant in St. Petersburg, Florida has reportedly resigned from his posted after allegations surfaced that he reportedly made racist comments.

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office says they were investigating allegations that Sgt. Richard Nascimento reportedly made a comment that he did not “want any more Black females” in the training program.

The incident reportedly occurred back in August while Nascimento was having a conversation with his supervisor regarding the selection of deputies for the training program.

Nascimento reportedly made the comment, just as the division’s only Black female deputy happened to walk into the room.

Despite hearing the comment, the deputy did not report the incident until October.

According to the department, Sgt. Nascimento chose to resign a day before the incident was to be heard by an Administrative Review Board, however, based on the evidence from the probe, it was likely that Nascimento would have been fired after the hearing.