Sons of slain woman attack man who admitted to killing her during sentencing

A judge has delayed the sentencing for a man who admitted to killing his ex-girlfriend after the woman’s sons attacked the suspect during his sentencing.

The incident occurred in Youngstown, Ohio Thursday.

62-year-old Dale Williams was standing trial for the 2017 murder of Elizabeth Pledger-Stewart.  Williams admitted to investigators that he waited over 45 minutes for Pledger-Stewart to drive by him on her way to work so he could drive her off of the road. He then shot her.

The family was about to give their victim impact statements when one of Pledger-Stewart’s son’s jumped Williams. That’s when the other son joined in.  It took several officers to pull the men off the suspect and at least one of the son’s was tasered.

Both sons have since been arrested and are being held in contempt of court with further charges expected.

Williams’ sentencing has been rescheduled.