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Snoop Dogg Goes Viral at Wrestlemania with a People’s Elbow!

It wasn’t planned, but sometimes that’s when the most memorable moments happen.

WWE superstar, The Miz, was the host of Wrestlemania weekend in LA, which brought in record attendance and profits. During the show, Shane McMahon made a surprise return and started up an “impromptu” match with the Miz, but about 30 seconds in, things went wrong when McMahon tore his quad. The crowd and the Miz alike were not sure what to do in the moment as medics rushed inside the ring. That’s when Snoop Dogg came to the rescue.

He saw that the spot didn’t go as planned and decided to take matters into his own hands with a couple of right hands and then a “people’s elbow” to the Miz, much to the delight of the crowd. The ad lib turned into a viral moment. What a pro!