Panthers Insider with Doug Plagens

  • Saturday 9am-10am

Doug Plagens reviews the week in Panthers hockey and talks about what’s coming for the Cats.


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As Tallon Moves On, The Panthers Look to Return to the "Top"
It’s the end of an era for the Florida Panthers, and hopefully the beginning of an even better one. Longtime general manager Dale Tallon announced last Monday that he is leaving the team, after a decade. His contract to serve as the organization’s manager president of hockey operations ran out at the beginning of last […]

Featured Stories

NHL, Players Discuss Resuming Season with 24-Team Playoff
The NHL and the NHL Player Association announced Friday night that they have reached an agreement to move forward on a plan to start the season up again, beginning with a 24-team playoff. The season was suspended due to the coronavirus on March 12, when most teams had completed about 70 games of an 82-game […]

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