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The Andy Slater Show 9-20-19

Andy talks the mess that is the Dolphins also some breaking NFL news. Marlins make some news and more

The Andy Slater Show 9-19-19

Andy has made international news he made it big time but for what. Its throwback Thursday and Andy has Sid Rosenberg on the show.

The Andy Slater Show 9-11-19

Andy goes in on the Dolphins taking and would of it been better if they were just honest about tanking. Antonio Brown rape case has a Florida Connection.

The Andy Slater Show 9-9-19

Dolphins Week 1 game was epic in a bad way Andy has been saying it since before the pre-season they are tanking. South Florida teams all look bad this weekend. SId Rosenberg joins the show to breakdowns his thoughts on NFL Sunday.

The Andy Slater Show 8-26-19

Andy explains why he starting his Hurricane breakdown with the Turnover Chain than breaks down the Canes vs Gators. Wait, what is a puppuccinos? What was up with the MLB uniforms this past weekend!

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