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The Andy Slater Show 4-3-20

Andy gives you the latest on the coronavirus. There are some trades in the works. He talks about the Florida Panthers and other local teams. He also talks about the possibility of some sports coming back next month.

The Andy Slater Show 4-2-20

Andy talks about the sports crumbs we are getting even with the coronavirus canceling everything. Should the NFL be holding the draft despite the coronavirus? Andy also talks about trades and what South Florida teams have been up to.

The Andy Slater Show 4-1-20

Andy talks more about the coronavirus and you can find the latest on what’s going on in the sports world because let’s face it, sports are pretty hard to find right now!

The Andy Slater Show 3-31-20

Andy talks about how March is usually one of the biggest and best month for sports but instead of sports everything was about the coronavirus. He also talks about the Florida Panthers, the Miami Heat, and the NFL.

The Andy Slater Show 3-20-20

Andy Slater gives you the latest on the coronavirus and what it is doing to the sporting world and its fans.
Despite the cancellation of most sports, there is still some sporting news.
Andy talks to Clay Ferraro about Tom Brady and other NFL trades and deals. Finally, Andy talks to Matt Benedetto about NASCAR going virtual.

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