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The Andy Slater Show 1-24-20

With Antonio Brown in hot water, Andy weighs the pros and cons of giving him more attention. Clay Ferraro stops by for Ferraro Friday, plus it’s also a Goldstream Park Finishline Friday!

The Andy Slater Show 1-23-20

Andy gives the Slater Scoop on Antonio Brown and discusses the Miami Heat’s underwhelming defensive play as of late. Alos, Sid Rosenberg joins us from NYC to talk baseball and Super Bowl talk! All that and more on The Andy Slater Show 1.23.20!

The Andy Slater Show 1-22-20

Andy gives his thoughts on why a nerd might’ve not voted for Jeter to reach the Hall of Fame unanimously. Mackey brings up an interesting stat about Hall of Fame Voting. Andy discusses more Superbowl talk, should Miami trade up for Joe Burrow and would Cincinnati accept a deal? Andy reveals why a loss wouldn’t be the worst thing as the Miami Heat go for win number 20 at home. Panthers Coach Q gets a standing ovation vs his old team All that and more on The Andy Slater Show! 1.22.20

The Andy Slater Show 1-21-20

Andy discusses Super Bowl LIV and why fans should be excited. After nailing Kansas CIty as his Super Bowl pick, Andy dives into why Patrick Mahomes was the perfect player to make it to Miami, warns listeners about scammers that won’t stop calling, Ponders whether Derek Jeter will get into the HOF unanimously or will a nerd screw it up. Also recaps the Heat and Panthers latest wins. All that and more on The Andy Slater Show! 1-21-20

The Andy Slater Show 1-17-20

It’s been nothing but baseball with the Astros scandal still unfolding, but Andy is ready to talk about football instead. With only 4 teams remaining, Slater breaks it all down. Clay Ferraro also joins the show, and introducing: Gulfstream Park Finishline Friday.

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