Marlins Man Live

Marlins Man live 8-26-19

Slater and Marlins man have a discussion about the horrible uniform choice of the MLB this past weekend. Did Andrew Luck quit too early?

Marlins Man Live 8-23-19

Marlins man in LA getting ready for the Dodgers Yankees series. Marlins man is doing a huge giveaway check it out by listening to find out more.

Marlins Man Live 8-16-19

Marlins man has a great story about being in Oakland. Marlins man was dressed up like what how did he end up the Raiders page? The Marlins man Monday with the Marlins might happen next season. The Marlins are adjusting some of the start times to some of there games Marlins man gives his opinion […]

Marlins Man Live 8-5-19

Marlins Man breaks down the former Marlins owner’s tax situation. Marlins man has some stories about why he brings first responders to games and more