Marlins Man Live

Marlins Man Live 11-22-19

Marlins Man breaks down the upcoming games including the disastrous Dolphins and the high-soaring Heat.

Marlins Man Live 11-1-19

Marlins Man is at the Breeders Cup discussing the World Series the state of baseball the Heat, Hurricanes, Dolphins, and more.

Marlins Man 10-28-19

Marlins Man and Andy talk about the Dolphins MNF and how a win could change them from number 1 pick to number 6. The Marlins should have listened to Marlins Man about a few things. Marlins Man thinks the Miami heat are a legit playoff team.

Marlins Man Live 10-25-19

Marlins man and Andy discuss the games they recently went to and the experiences at these games. What games will Marlins Man be watching this weekend since the Dolphins won’t be playing?

Marlins Man Live 10-7-19

Andy and Marlins Man catch up on Football. Its MLB postseason Marlins Man breaks down who he thinks will win.

Marlins Man 10-4-19

Marlins Man and Andy discuss the prospects of a tanking Dolphins season. Plus a possible Yankees Dodgers World Series?!