Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 7-28-20

Andy discusses the newest developments with the Marlins season going on pause because of COVID-19 cases. What actions should have been taken and what will happen over the next few weeks with the team? Andy chats about every latest detail.

The Andy Slater Show 7-27-20

Andy discusses the Marlins COVID-19 outbreak and how MLB needs to learn from this moving forward. What is the most important protocol that was not followed? Andy chats about a big mistake being made and what should be coming next. Also, there was baseball played this weekend. What was the most enjoyable aspect? Andy talks […]

The Andy Slater Show 7-24-20

Major League Baseball is back and Andy discusses what he saw on Opening Night from the Yankees. Also, what teams are at a big disadvantage with MLB’s new expanded postseason? Clay Ferraro from WPLG Local 10 joins the show and Andy gives out a winning pick for this weekend.

The Andy Slater Show 7-23-20

Andy gets excited about Opening Day in Major League Baseball and discusses who the real World Series contenders are this season. Andy also gives his take on what the Miami Heat were able to show during their exhibition game on Wednesday night. Sid Rosenberg joins the show from New York City.

The Andy Slater Show 7-22-20

Andy is so happy that baseball is back and on television. What crazy statements were made yesterday during the Marlins game? Andy discusses what he heard and what Derek Jeter told him on a video conference Wednesday morning. Andy also chats about tonight’s South Florida sports action with two teams playing at the same time. […]

The Andy Slater Show 7-21-20

Andy chats about a surprising move from the Miami Marlins as they get set to open their season on Friday. How are the sounds of baseball going to be so important? Andy discusses pumped in crowd noise and talks about the success stories so far with the return of all sports.

The Andy Slater Show 7-20-20

Andy is excited that sports are back and fans will get some normalcy back in their lives starting this week. Which of the changes will MLB fans enjoy? Andy chats about some of the protocols put into place and how other leagues are working their way back to regular season games. Andy also discusses the […]

The Andy Slater Show 7-17-20

Andy went to Marlins Park on Thursday to check out the sights and sounds of what’s coming up next week as MLB starts their season. Is pumped in crowd noise a must? Andy chats about what all sports fans need and how the bubbles are working out so far in the NBA and MLS.

The Andy Slater Show 7-16-20

Andy chats about some of baseball’s new rules and who thinks they are not good at all. What are some of the positives coming from the Miami Heat in their bubble? Andy discusses that and some important numbers. Sid Rosenberg joins the show from New York City.

The Andy Slater Show 7-15-20

Andy discusses the latest test results that MLS released and what it means about the bubble at Disney World. What are sports fans in store for over the next 2-3 weeks? Andy chats about the near future, including how the Miami Heat have a key recruiting tool. Florida Highway Patrol’s Lt. Camacho joins the show.