Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 8-31-2020

Andy’s show is right in the middle of the MLB trade deadline, so he updates everyone with the latest moves, including how the Marlins are giving it their best postseason shot. Andy discusses the message the Miami Heat need to send tonight in Game 1 vs. the Bucks and something about this Heat team that […]

The Andy Slater Show 8-25-2020

Andy discusses how the Heat was able to sweep the Pacers and how much that means moving forward for this organization. Andy also chats about how this Heat season should be looked at regardless of what happens next. Why are the Miami Dolphins able to have 13,000 fans but most NFL teams will have none? […]

The Andy Slater Show 8-24-2020

Andy discusses his Slater Scoop: 13,000 fans being allowed at Hard Rock Stadium for Dolphins and Canes games this season. Andy also chats about the Miami Heat trying to close out their series with the Pacers and what to look forward to in NBA’s bubble.

The Andy Slater Show 8-21-2020

Andy talks about the Miami Heat and how it may be safe to call this Pacers series over. There’s one surprise from Thursday’s game that Andy discusses. More COVID-19 in Major League Baseball… Andy chats about how some of the important protocols are still not being followed. WPLG Local 10’s Clay Ferraro joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 8-19-2020

Andy discusses how fantastic the NBA bubble has been and how the quality of basketball is really shinning. How good is Playoff Jimmy Butler? Andy shares his opinion. Can the Marlins hang on until their 18 guys get back? Andy chats baseball. Florida Highway Patrol’s Lt. Camacho joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 8-18-2020

Andy Previews the Miami Heat playoff series against the Indiana Pacers right before Game 1 begins. Is the Marlins great story coming to an end? Andy discusses what needs to happen ASAP for the fish. What’s the latest on the QB situation in Davie and what does the Canes’ QB look like so far? Andy […]

The Andy Slater Show 8-17-2020

Andy discusses his experience watching the Miami Marlins in person at Marlins Park. The Miami Dolphins were out on the field today and Andy talks about what he considers the good part of training camp. News about UNC shutting down their campus came across Andy’s screen, so he reacts to the reaction from football writers […]

The Andy Slater Show 8-14-2020

Andy discusses what gives the Miami Heat the edge moving forward in the NBA Playoffs. It’s Opening Day at Marlins Park. Andy chats about what to expect tonight when watching on TV. Clay Ferraro from WPLG Channel 10 joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 8-13-2020

Andy chats about Tua’s words this morning as he spoke to Miami Dolphins’ reporters for the first time since the NFL Draft. The Miami Marlins continue their unbelievable story with another victory and Andy discusses what he sees with the team. Jimmy Butler was sticking up for a teammate on Wednesday night. Andy talks about […]

The Andy Slater Show 8-12-2020

Andy discusses the latest college football developments and what the University of Miami had to say about the current situation. The Marlins got their first look at the new extra innings format and Andy shares his thoughts on the game. What are the Miami Heat looking at in the next few days? Andy chats about […]