Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 7-22-19

Andy talks to Craig Minervini about his jacket and the Marlins. Andy discusses the QB situation with the Dolphins.

The Andy Slater Show 7-16-19

Andy explains how this offseason hasn’t been too bad. What should the Marlins do at this point and more? Miami Heat shouldn’t trade for Chris Paul.

The Andy Slater Show 7-15-19

Andy talks missed opportunities for Florida teams and post-draft confusion. Craig Minervini drops by to discuss the future of tech in MLB. Are robot umpires on the way?

The Andy Slater Show 7-10-19

Andy will keep calling for the heat to draft Westbrook. Will Miami ever get a soccer team Andy wonders what the truth. Its Wysocky Wednesday where you get to ask Lt. Camacho for FHP a question about the law.

The Andy Slater Show 6-17-19

Andy talks about the Heat, Marlins, OJ Simpson, and the end of a dynasty. Hobo thinks Andy has issues because he doesn’t like PB&J.

The Andy Slater Show 6-14-19

Andy thinks its an end of a dynasty. The Heat may be up to something. The Marlins game matchup this weekend is going to be rough to watch

The Andy Slater Show 6-7-19

The Marlins attendance can be entertaining but let’s be honest about it. Craig Mish joins the show to talk Marlins and Yankees baseball and how well will he do in the Andy Slater “See Ya Later Poker Tournament”. The Yankees should have spent some money and picked up Dallas Keuchel. Reports of Josh Rosen falling […]

The Andy Slater Show 6-3-19

Andy is having an epic Monday in Costa Rica talking about soccer in Miami but all we keep getting are parties for Inter Miami CF but no stadium, no players so how will they field a team by March? Jorge Mas has a lot of talk about fielding a team but there hasn’t been any […]

The Andy Slater Show 5-22-19

The Marlins are on a winning streak and it’s up to 4 games!!! MLS in South Florida seems to be a joke. The Miami Heat are losing someone from there staff. It’s Wysocky Wednesday its time to ask a cop a question.

The Andy Slater Show 5-21-19

Andy talks about the Miami Heat Dynasty and how they would do against the Warriors. It’s Luke Tuesday and Luke talks all of the South Florida Sports. Are we ever going to get a soccer team?