Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 3-2-20

Andy Slater live from Las Vegas! He talks about the Inter Miami vs LAFC game. He also talks about March Madness, the Miami Heat, Florida Panthers, the Miami Dolphins, and he talks to Craig Minervini from Fox Sports Florida.

The Andy Slater Show 2-28-20

What are the Miami Heat and the Florida Panthers doing right now? We were so hopeful earlier in the year but now what? At least the Miami Marlins are doing well. Listen to the Golf-Stream Park horse race live and place your bets. You might want to pay close attention to Andy’s Instagram account! He’s […]

The Andy Slater Show 2-27-20

Andy discusses the MIami Heat’s latest collapse vs the Timberwolves and why it might be time to start panicking. Andy also brings up new audio on David Beckham from the Jimmy Fallon show to talk about Inter Miami. Sid Rosenberg joins the show to talk Giancarlo Stanton and Tom Brady possibly leaving New England. All […]

The Andy Slater Show 2-26-20

Andy talks Tua and explains why fans shouldn’t pay attention to Draft Smokescreens.Andy rips the bandaid off for some more New York Yankees latest injury news involving Giancarlo Stanton and gives his thoughts on Inter Miami and if they’ll make any movement.. Lieutenant Camacho from the FHP also joins us for a Wysock Wednesday. All […]

The Andy Slater Show 2-25-20

Andy gives his immediate thoughts on Luis Severino being ruled out from Tommy John Surgery and the Tokyo Olympic Games possibly being shut down due to the Corona Virus. Florida Panthers executive.Shawn Thornton joins the show to talk about what the Panthers need to do to turn their season around and make the playoffs. Andy […]

The Andy Slater Show 2-24-20

Andy talks about Wade Weekend and the difference between each day. What does WPLG’s Will Manso think about it? He also talks about the upcoming NHL and NBA playoffs and trades. March Madness is just around the corner and we can’t forget about the NFL combine.

The Andy Slater Show 2-21-20

Baseball season is here! Andy talks to Miami Marlin’s manager Don Mattingly about what to expect from the Marlin’s this season, the Astro’s cheating scandal, and the changes in MLB that have been made to prevent a similar cheating situation from occurring and retaliation from other teams. Dwyane Wade to have his jersey retired and […]

The Andy Slater Show 2-20-20

Andy goes into a deeper discussion about the Astros cheating scandal and what it means on a National and local level. Sid Rosenberg joins the show from NYC and discusses baseball and the new rule changes to the NFL Postseason. All that and more on The Andy Slater Show!

The Andy Slater Show 2-12-20

Andy loses another one of his “Scoops” Poker Tournament, but reveals how he still came out a winner thanks to NYY Steak! Andy also discusses the Astros cheating scandal, new MLB rules, and is joined by FAU Baseball Head Coach John McCormick. Lieutenant Camacho from the FHP Joins the show for another edition of Wysocky […]

The Andy Slater Show 2-11-20

Andy discusses the possible changes to the MLB Postseason. Craig Minervini from the Miami Marlins/Florida Panthers joins us to give his thoughts on the rule changes and how he is getting ready for Andy’s “Scoops” Poker Tournament. All that and more on The Andy Slater Show! 2-11-20.