Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 9-29-2020

Andy is ready for the NBA Finals and chats about the Heat storylines heading into it. How will Miami be able to handle LeBron and the Lakers, Andy shares his thoughts. The MLB postseason begins today and Andy discusses the Marlins and Yankees chances, plus some quick football talk about the Dolphins next opponent.

The Andy Slater Show 9-28-2020

Andy discusses the exciting times in the South Florida sports world with the Heat, Marlins, Canes, and even the Miami Dolphins. How should the nation look at this Miami Heat team as they are in the NBA Finals? Andy shares his thoughts.

The Andy Slater Show 9-25-2020

It’s an extremely busy show with the Dolphins victory, Heat-Celtics Game 5, Marlins trying to make the postseason, Canes-FSU Week, and the announcement that all businesses in Florida can reopen. Andy brings everyone all the news. WPLG Local 10’s Clay Ferraro also joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 9-24-2020

It’s Tyler Herro Day on The Andy Slater Show. Andy tries to figure out if there is any need to break down Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals or just say the Heat’s 20-year-old rookie’s name and move on. The Dolphins are on Thursday Night Football and not even the lead story, but Andy […]

The Andy Slater Show 9-23-2020

Andy gets the audience ready for Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals and discusses what the Heat need to do early against the Celtics. The Marlins are making a postseason push, but Andy chats about them possibly backing in. It’s Cans-FSU Week and the Dolphins are about to take on the Jags. Andy chats […]

The Andy Slater Show 9-22-2020

Andy discusses the decision that may have to be made soon with the Dolphins and Tua. Andy chats about the severity of Game 4 tomorrow night for the Miami Heat. The postseason chase for the Marlins is real and Andy believes Miami will be in. Plus, Andy has the Slater Scoop on a popular story.

The Andy Slater Show 9-21-2020

Andy recaps the Dolphins’ second game of the season and what the rest of the way is looking for Miami. The Hurricanes look amazing and Andy has many things to say about what he’s seen. The Heat’s next game is more than gigantic, Andy says. And the Marlins are trying to secure a postseason spot […]

The Andy Slater Show 9-18-2020

It’s a football Friday but the Miami Heat remains the big story. Andy chats about the Heat not even needing to play a 48-minute game to be victorious. As a Heat fan, is it okay to be confident right now that the team will go to the NBA Finals? Andy shares his thoughts. Andy also […]

The Andy Slater Show 9-17-2020

Did the Celtics already give the Heat their best shot? Andy previews Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals? What will the national storylines be if the Heat advance? Andy discusses what he believes is ahead. The Marlins lost the Red Sox, but Andy chats about their postseason chase still being alive. Sid Rosenberg joins […]

The Andy Slater Show 9-16-2020

Andy discusses how Miami Heat fans will always remember “The Block” by Bam Adebayo in the team’s Game 1 victory over Boston. What does this win do for the Heat’s confidence and what does it do for Boston moving forward? Andy chats about both sides. The Marlins was the team that lost to Boston on […]