Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 1-10-20

With the NFL season winding down, Andy looks toward the future including the Superbowl right here in Florida! Clay Ferarro also joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 1-9-19

Andy discusses the Miami Heat’s blowout win vs Indiana and love for Jimmy Butler. Andy gives his thoughts on Butler’s performance and his latest “Kiss of Death” towards T.J. Warren. Andy and Mackey create a wager for the Titans-Ravens Divisional Round matchup and give their thoughts on the recent baseball brawl in Venezuela which included […]

The Andy Slater Show 1-8-20

On Today’s Episode of the Andy Slater Show, Andy reveals his juiciest storylines for the NFL playoffs and Superbowl. Discusses what it would mean locally and Nationally if Ryan Tannehill or Lamar Jackson lead their team to the big game. Lieutenant Camacho from the Florida Highway Patrol joins us for Wysocky Wednesday to answer calls. […]

The Andy Slater Show 1-7-20

Tua talk continues as Andy takes a deep dive into a possible future for The Miami Dolphins. Plus, is it the end of a dynasty for New England? Sid Rosenberg joins the show to discuss.

The Andy Slater Show 1-6-20

New year, same Slater! Andy hits the ground running in 2020 with scoops on the Dolphins and Heat, plus guest Michael Casagrande drops by to shed some more light on the Tua situation.

The Andy Slater Show 12-19-19

Andy brings in the last episode of the year by talking South Florida Sports. DIscusses the Heat’s win over the 76ers. Gives his take on the future of The Miami Dolphins and Marlins. And for a special treat, was joined by Marlins Man in studio to close out the year. Thank you all for listening […]

The Andy Slater Show 12-18-19

Andy discusses the future of “The Andy Slater Show” and South Florida Sports. Andy and Mackey reveal who they think the best QB in the next two draft classes is. Andy has a run-in with a drunk man in an electric wheelchair and Lieutenant Camacho joins the show to discuss what drivers should look out […]

The Andy Slater Show 12-16-19

Andy breaks down Dolphins vs Giants, and how the Dolphins punted their season away. Plus analysis on NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week (Month?) Bam Adebayo.

The Andy Slater Show 12-13-19

Andy gives his thoughts on another Lamar Jackson dominating performance. Andy previews Heat Lakers and gives his prediction. Clay Ferraro joins the show and discusses South Florida Sports. All that and more on The Andy Slater Show! 12-13-19

The Andy Slater Show 12-12-19

FAU Head Coach Willie Taggart Joins the Andy Slater Show to talk about his new job and experience at FSU. Sid Rosenberg calls in to discuss NBA and NFL news. Andy and Mackey reveal what Taggart brings to FAU. Andy gives an update on MLB Free Agency, Miami Heat, Gerrit Cole’s latest contact with the […]