Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 4-15-20

The President and Governor of Florida want sports back soon. Andy chats about what they both said this week. Is Tua’s draft stock really dropping? Andy discusses what to possibly expect during next week’s NFL draft. Lt. Camacho from the Florida Highway Patrol joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 4-14-20

Andy discusses how Florida made pro sports an essential business and what that could mean in the near future. Craig Minervini from Fox Sports Florida joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 4-13-20

Andy chats about the desire sports fans have for the NFL Draft next week and the way the Dolphins’ first round pick will feel in South Florida. When are sports coming back, Andy takes a closer look at what may be happening. Also, was HORSE the worst thing on TV in the history of television?

The Andy Slater Show 4-10-20

Andy gives you his take on the Tua talk and the big decision the Miami Dolphins need to make. When fans are able to attend games, will they go? Andy also gives you his take on another MLB plan to return. WPLG’s Clay Ferraro joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 4-9-20

Andy starts by asking if “will you consider a pardon for Joe Exotic” was a good or bad question to President Trump. The NFL draft is two weeks away and Andy brings up the AFC East discussion. The NBA is set for the HORSE contest and Sid Rosenberg joins the show from New York.

The Andy Slater Show 4-8-20

Andy starts off discussing all the Justin Herbert noise and what the Miami Dolphins big board should say during the NFL Draft. Andy also chats about the future plans for an MLB Season. As always on Wednesday, Lt. Camacho joins the show.

The Andy Slater Show 4-7-20

Andy talks about MLB’s plan to start their season. President Trump made new comments on Monday about the return of sports and Andy weighs in on what he said. Craig Mish also joins the show to discuss the future of baseball.

The Andy Slater Show 4-6-20

Andy discusses President Trump’s phone call with sports commissioners. Also, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Dave Hyde joins Andy to chat about the NFL Draft and Miami Dolphins.

The Andy Slater Show 4-3-20

Andy gives you the latest on the coronavirus. There are some trades in the works. He talks about the Florida Panthers and other local teams. He also talks about the possibility of some sports coming back next month.

The Andy Slater Show 4-2-20

Andy talks about the sports crumbs we are getting even with the coronavirus canceling everything. Should the NFL be holding the draft despite the coronavirus? Andy also talks about trades and what South Florida teams have been up to.