Andy Slater

The Andy Slater Show 11-2-19

Andy has a Slater Scoop about the Miami Heat. What did the Dolphins by winning this game? The Hurricanes set records this weekend.

The Andy Slater Show 11-8-19

Andy gets psyched up for all this weekend’s upcoming games, except for the Dolphins..! FAU Coach Lane Kiffin drops in to talk Owls. Sports anchor Clay Ferraro also stops by.

The Andy Slater Show 11-7-19

Andy shares some tips for NBA teams to follow if they want to win it all for their city. Plus Sid Rosenberg stops by the show to talk about everything else going on in sports.

The Andy Slater Show 11-6-19

Andy talks about his hotel habits and the validity of “The South Beach Flu”. Plus, your chance to question a cop!

The Andy Slater Show 11-5-19

The Heat are on a hot streak, but will the road ahead cool them down? Andy has the scoop. Plus, some harsh truths about wrestling, and the cat that made it big during Monday Night Football.

The Andy Slater 11-1-19

Its the end of October and Andy has the baseball blues. South Florida sports are really weird right now Andy explains. Andy calls up Sid Rosenberg to find out how he broke news before anyone else about the Mets. The Miami Heat are looking like a good team this is what Heat culture is about.

The Andy Slater Show 10-30-19

Andy is so excited because it’s one of the most important days in sports Game 7 of the World Series. Andy going to bet how much on tonight game 7 this can’t be right! It’s amazing how the Miami Heat could lose Dwayne Wade to retirement and this year’s team is better than last year. […]

The Andy Slater Show 10-28-19

Andy discusses the MNF tank bowl and how the Dolphins need to lose this game. The Miami Heat are looking good with the young players they have and is Nunn legit? Will Manso and Craig Minervini join the show to talk South Florida sports.

The Andy Slater Show 10-25-19

Andy explains the vote on Inter Miami CF and Jorge Mas’s tweet respect the vote and his issues with that tweet. The Dolphins play MNF but why did the NFL choose the Dolphins to play MNF this year. Andy has a chat with Lane Kiffen about FAU opponent this week. The Miami Heat have started […]