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President Trump’s “Most Important Speech”


Trump election attorney, Rudy Giuliani, pleaded with members of Michigan’s House Oversight Committee to intervene in the November 3rd election results during the more than four-hour hearing yesterday.
Giuliani was allowed to question witnesses who revealed sickening details of election fraud under penalty of perjury.
Then, Giuliani urged the legislators to use their power to direct the state’s 16 electors to vote for President Trump, citing an 1892 Supreme Court case that gave state legislatures absolute power over their electors.

MI-Take Power Back Tonight

President Trump claims the U.S. election system is “under a coordinated assault and siege” by the Democratic Party. In a 46-minute-long video posted on social media, Trump explained that t “major infractions or outright fraud” occurred in the swing states.

Trump said he hopes the Supreme Court will do what’s right for our country, because “our country cannot live with this.”

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