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“President Trump” Meets With World Leader Virtually For G20 Summit.


President Trump joined the first of two virtual meetings with world leaders Saturday as part of a coronavirus-throttled G20 summit — in what could be the last international gathering of his presidency.

Trump was set to beam in to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, from the White House Situation Room for a meeting chaired by King Salman and attended by the leaders of 19 leading world economies. The international response to the pandemic was expected to be at the top of the agenda.

A lavish G20 gathering that had been set for the Saudi capital, complete with elaborate greeting ceremonies and elegant dinners, was sharply curtailed in September due to the worsening health crisis.

But organizers did not abandon the traditional “family photo” of the heads of state.

Instead, they replicated the annual photo shoot by fashioning a collection of full-length pictures of the leaders into a composite image — with a grinning Trump in the first row — and projected the portrait on a wall in Riyadh Friday night.