No Name Defense

Finally, a Miami Dolphins podcast by the fans and for the fans. Listen as Diener breaks down the good, the bad, and the ugly of each week and gives his take on everything Miami Dolphins. Sure, he might be a homer, but he's our homer!

Latest Episodes

No Name Defense EP 3 – Breaking Down The Disrespect of Tua

Chris Simms list, Dan Orlovsky’s top 5 under 25, Ryan Clark’s accusation of Tyreek, these are all the latest examples of the national media’s intentional disrespect of Tua! Diener and Mackey react to all of it with you and give their top 3 breakout stars for 2022.

No Name Defense EP 2 Tyreek Said it Had to be Said

In this episode, Diener and Mackey breakdown what everyone was freaking out about with Tyreek Hill’s assessment of Tua vs Mahomes. And was there really any truth to the Brady and Sean Payton rumors?

No Name Defense EP 1 Reunited and It Feels So Good! 2022 Season Preview

We’re back and better than ever! Join Diener as he returns to the mantle of this Miami Dolphins podcast and brings in a new co host, the illustrious Ryan Mackey! Tons to go over as we head in into the Summer, including a look back on this off season and some looking ahead to this 2022 season. Plus, you know we gotta talk about salty Tua…

EP 13: A Victory Friday! 3-7 Never Felt So Good

Diener exalts with great joy at the Dolphins upset win over the Ravens on Thursday Night Football and explains why they may not be out of the playoff race just yet. That and much more on this episode of No Name Defense.

EP 12: Dolphins Win a Stinker – Reaction

It was far from pretty, but it’s a win nonetheless! Diener reacts to what we were all forced to witness in the Dolphins win over the Texans and what this means for Tua and this organization moving forward.

EP 11: Time To Face The Music And Start Over

Is it time for another total rebuild after the latest failed rebuild? Diener discusses the sad reality that now faces the Dolphins franchise and their fanbase. Also, when this Miami Dolphins legend says it’s time for a rebuild then maybe it is time to start paying attention…

EP 9: Loss To The Jags – What Happens Now?

Diener tries his best to make sense of this disastrous season for the Miami Dolphins and comes up with solutions on how they can right the ship. They might need a new captain…