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Opinion: “Someday you’ll understand, this is all for the greater good”

Trump Climate Plan

Remember when your parents made seemingly unfair decisions on your behalf and explained that “you’ll understand why we’re doing this when you’re older?” It’s time to grow up. The same thing is happening to 74 million Americans right now.

April 30, 1945, Adolph Hitler died by his own hand and two months later on Flag Day, June 14th, 1946, Donald J. Trump was born in New York, New York. Did Hitler’s dark soul crawl into the newborn body of Donald Trump? The timing is right, according to the rules of reincarnation. After all, how can one explain the jingoistic sycophancy of the president’s supporters who chant “We love you!” at his Hitler-style rallies?

From the day Trump formally announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015, a memo went out on the dark web that the average voter in middle America did not receive: “Prevent this man from ever becoming president, no matter what the cost.” For the “greater good,” lie to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to spy on his campaign, invent a Russian conspiracy and turn a phone call into an impeachable offense.

For God’s sake, the man wanted to build a wall to curtail illegal immigration. Even more shockingly, he wanted to stop the offshoring of American jobs, tackle the U.S. national debt, and protect Americans from Islamic terrorism.
Then, Trump dared to point out that America was being ripped off by the rest of the world.

If infanticide is justifiable for the “greater good” of the mother, anything is justified for the “greater good” of the ruling class. While the fetus will never grow up to comprehend why mom and doctor made the decision to abort, it’s never too late to wake up to the fact that your constitutional rights are being terminated.

From the day Donald Trump descended that golden escalator at Trump Tower, a backroom decision was made to terminate his political existence. God forbid his presidency survive the Russia investigation, the media bias, the persecution of his supporters and impeachment. Who among us could have survived such scrutiny? The president’s own attorney broke privilege in an effort to take him down. Still Trump survived, and his supporters cheered.

So, another memo went out: “For the “greater good” of the polar bear floating away on melting chunk of arctic ice, President Trump must not win a second term.” The result? Joe Biden garnered 80 million votes, more than his former boss, Barack Obama, who received 65,915,795 votes in 2012.

Just like the powerless infant, the average conservative voter does not have the strength to fight the cabal of the all-powerful elite left which is emboldened by the belief that anything is justified, including ignoring damning evidence and weaponizing a virus to exploit mail-in ballots to protect the “greater good.”

Someday, as you plug your car into a windmill, maybe you’ll understand why the integrity of the election was hijacked by the ruling class. You are not imagining this political slight of hand, and you may not understand why it’s happening right now, but eventually you will, when it’s too late.