Opinion: Dolphins Showed us again that they are losing on purpose

By Stephen Diener

I know I may not be taking the biggest leap with that headline, but it is worth really pointing out the gravity of what we witnessed last night in conjunction with other instances of head scratching plays this season.

First, let’s point out a fact. Management wants to lose. It’s not a secret. Stephen Ross said as much in a press conference back in March when he said the team would be re building through the draft.

Translation, tanking was and is the plan for 2019.

Now, let’s point to a couple of things that have showed us how management has made sure this team does not win when they have the opportunities.

Example number one was the game at home against Washington. The coaching staff made a change to bring in Ryan Fitzpatrick to try and give the team a spark. They want to win, but are handcuffed by the front office.

That was made clear when Miami scored a touchdown at the end of the game and only had to kick an extra point to tie the score and push it to overtime. But what do they “decide” to do instead? Well, you remember. They go for two and call a screen play that inevitably failed.

Let’s make something abundantly clear about that play call, it can not work. It will never work. It’s simple physics.

It is literally physically impossible for a screen play to work from the two yard line. You need room to run a screen play. You need room to allow the offensive linemen to pull out side and get in front of blocks. You need room for that play to develop. Which is why they were told to call that play.

No offensive mind at the NFL level would ever intentionally call that play. It can’t work. So that means they were told to run it. Plain and simple. And of course, it did not work and the Phins remained defeated.

That brings us to last night in Pittsburgh where a play is called in a certain situation that can only lead to total failure. This time it was on defense.

Put quite simply, Miami was actually dominating that first half up 14-3 with only about a minute to play before half time. They had Pittsburgh on the ropes, pushed back to a 3&20. So what kind of defensive play do you call in a situation like that? Well, an all out blitz of course that leaves every receiver open.

Yeah, that’s exactly what they did. And of course the Steelers capitalized with an easy touchdown that gave them momentum going into the half. It ended up being part of a 27-0 run that saw Pittsburgh ultimately win 27-14 and send Miami to 0-7.

But it also showed the world on a national prime time stage that everything that has been said about this team is true. No matter how much the players, or coaches, or even the fans want to win, the front office will simply not allow it.

They will make sure these games are lost by the players they trade away or the plays they force the coaches to call that clearly make no sense.

So yes, just to be clear, I am saying that management is ordering the coaches to call these inherently flawed plays. It’s either that, or this is the worst play calling staff in the history of football.

But I’m pretty sure the first one is true.