Officials to Consider Reversing Reinstatement of School Principal in Holocaust Controversy

The former local school administrator at the center of a controversy about the Holocaust could be facing a new setback to getting his job back.

Earlier this month, the Palm Beach County School Board voted 4-3 to reinstate William Latson.

In addition, the Board agreed to give him about $152,000 in back pay from the time he was terminated last year.

Latson had served as principal of Spanish River High School in Boca Raton until shortly after making e-mail comments to a parent in July 2019 that he could not confirm the Holocaust happened.

Now, it seems that school board Chairman Frank Barbieri has had a change of heart.

He has proposed rescinding the reinstatement vote, and will bring it up as an agenda item at this week’s Board meeting on Wednesday.

Barbieri has some support from the state in his efforts.

That’s because Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran on Friday requested that Latson’s professional educator certificate be cancelled.

Latson was fired in July 2019, after he became unreachable during an investigation into the email situation. It was soon discovered that he was on vacation in Jamaica during that time.

Last summer, Administrative Law Judge Robert Cohen reversed the termination.

In so doing, Cohen determined that although “Latson did commit several acts of poor judgment,” his conduct “did not rise to the level of just cause for suspension or termination because the conduct was not so severe as to support that level of discipline.”

UPDATED: School Administrator in Holocaust Controversy to Receive Back Pay