NTSB: Tesla Put on Auto Pilot Seconds Before Deadly Crash in Delray Beach

A Tesla was on auto pilot while traveling down SR 7 (US441) in Delray Beach ten seconds before it struck a big rig that had pulled out in front of it.

That according to the National Transportation Safety Board.

The Tesla Model 3 had Autopilot active in the seconds before it crashed into a semi truck in March, killing the driver, the National Transportation Safety Board reported on Thursday.

Jeremy Banner was driving his Model 3 on a divided four-lane highway in Palm Beach County, Florida. As the car approached a driveway, a semi truck pulled out in front of the car, making a left-hand turn from the driveway to the opposite travel lanes.

The Tesla was moving at 68mph (110km/h) and slid under the truck’s trailer. The trailer sheared off the top of the car, killing Banner. The vehicle continued down the road for another 1,600 feet (500m) before coming to a rest in the median.