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NFL Open to Pushing Back Super Bowl to March

Super Bowl Panorama
El quarterback de los Chiefs de Kansas City Patrick Mahomes celebra con el trofeo Lamar Hunt el título de la AFC al derrotar a los Titans de Tennessee el domingo 19 de enero del 2020. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

There’s a chance the upcoming Super Bowl could be pushed back to March.

That’s according to Green Bay Packers president Mark Murphy, who’s revealed the NFL has a Super Bowl LV contingency plan in place if games keep getting postponed.

“We could move the Super Bowl back as far as four weeks,” Murphy says. “Obviously, we’d prefer not to do that, but you do have that flexibility if we run into a number of outbreaks with different teams or if we have to kind of move the schedule back.”

After the NFL pulled the plug on the Pro Bowl last week, some feared the Big Game would follow. But as it turns out, one of the reasons the Pro Bowl was dumped was to make sure the Super Bowl happens, Murphy says.

“We decided to cancel the Pro Bowl; that was a fairly easy decision,” he says. “That’s held the week before the Super Bowl, so it would be very easy to move everything back and create an 18th week.”

As it currently stands, the Super Bowl is scheduled for February 7th in Tampa and the Governor has said he would love to see a full stadium for the big game.