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NFL, Oakley Team Up and Develop Face Shield to Protect Players

Face Shields Football
Photo courtesy: Oakley via Twitter

With NFL training camps set to finally begin at the end of this month, the league believes it is one step closer to addressing player safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What’s the grand plan, you ask?

Officials are about to roll out face shields for the players’ helmets.

The face shield was designed by Oakley, which already provides visors for NFL players.

According to the Associated Press, Dr. Jeff Crandall, who served as Chairman of the NFL’s Engineering Committee, says the players and the league have been working together and combining their thoughts and ideas on the device.

In an interview with ESPN, NFLPA medical director Dr. Thom Mayer also said the players’ biggest concern was what their visibility would be like while wearing the shield during games and, and whether they would be able to breathe.

Players shot down his idea that players wear face masks to help control the spread of the coronavirus.

The face shield has received a more positive response from players than the mask did.

According to ESPN, the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams were the first two NFL teams to receive the shields recently, since both teams are based near Oakley’s headquarters.

So, football will look a little different this year in more ways than one.