My Update from Costa Rica

Good afternoon from Costa Rica and Happy Presidents Day.

One day soon I’ll do the show from Central America, but not today.
Chris Kokell will be in the studio for me today and I’m sure he will have a lot to discuss.
The local scene has the Marlins back at spring training in Jupiter.
The Florida Panthers had a nice win which included a Barkov hat trick!
D-Wade and the Heat get a bit of a break before getting their “second half” of the season going.
The Miami Dolphins are making front office moves.
The great thing about today’s world, no matter where I am, I’m always connected. So, I was able to see that 19-car pile up Sunday at the Daytona 500 and keep an eye on this past weekend’s NBA All-Star events.
I’ll be back on the air Tuesday, but I am always on Twitter @AndySlater.
That’s where you can find the latest Slater Scoop, including one from Saturday.
See you later!