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More Games in Doubt as COVID-19 Spreads Through the NFL

The NFL season continues to be an ever-changing phenomenon…thanks, or no thanks, to the coronavirus.

At least three teams have announced this week that they have players who have tested positive for the virus, and that’s wreaking havoc on plans, according to a report from Scripps Media.

Among the names that have been mentioned are Patriots cornerback Stephon Gilmore, as well as at least one Titans player and another with the Las Vegas Raiders.

With the Patriots having played the Chiefs last Sunday, it’s unknown whether any Kansas City players are now infected as well.

As a result of this news, and last Saturday’s announcement that Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has COVID-19, more games are now in flux.

Sunday’s Titans-Bills game is now in doubt. Tennessee had already postponed its home game against the Steelers last Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Raiders may not be in a position to face the Chiefs this Sunday, due to the alleged diagnosis with which they’re now dealing.

When will this craziness end?!