Mom and 2-year-old removed from flight over face mask

A mother and her two-year-old son say they were forced off of a Southwest Airlines flight after she briefly removed her son’s mask to allow him to eat his gummy bears.

The incident occurred Saturday on flight 2420.

Jodi Degyansky told reporters that she and her son where headed home to Chicago after visiting family in Florida when she allowed her son to place his face mask under his chin to eat his gummies while the plane pushed back from the gate. Degyansky says she was then approached by an employee who told her that she and her son would have to leave the flight because he was not wearing a face mask.

” I’m super humiliated,” Degyansky said. “There was no heated discussion,” she continued.

Degyansky says the plane then turned to the gate where she and her son were ushered off of the flight and told they would have to rebook and fly at a later date.

Degyansky says instead of rebooking with the airline, she just purchased a $600 ticket from another airline so that she could get home in time for her son to start his first day of daycare.

Southwest Airlines has since released a statement to CNN stating that they will not discuss the specifics of the situation with the media, however, they will contact the mother to find out what exactly occurred.

Due to the mask mandate, several people and families have been booted from flights for a range of reasons involving mask.

“I’m absolutely not an anti-masker,” Degyansky said.

“I do think there needs to be some level of additional questioning so there is more consistency… more compassion from the corporation. “