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MLB Offers Players Deal with Prorated Salaries, 72-Game Season

We’re getting a step closer to “playing ball” once again, hopefully!

Details of a proposal obtained by The Associated Press show that Major League Baseball has offered its players 80 percent of their prorated salaries, along with a 72-game regular season beginning July 14.

Players would get 70 percent of their prorated salaries during the regular season, and the remaining 10 percent for completion of the postseason.

The players’ last offer would have led to an 89-game regular season at full prorated pay.

The Associated Press reports the MLB proposed that players’ salaries would be around $1.25 billion. However, the players union proposed that players get $2.2 billion.

If players end up completing the postseason, they would earn an additional $200 million, according to the AP.

Serious cash for serious play.