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Mark Teixeira Bashes MLB Over Aroldis Chapman’s Suspension

New York Yankee Aroldis Chapman was just suspended, and former teammate Mark Teixeira has issues with the whole thing, and with the league.

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It seems that the three-game penalty, which the MLB lobbed at Chapman on Wednesday, is just not enough for Teixeira.

He expected the suspension to go for at least four or five years.

The issue started during the ninth inning of Tuesday’s 5-3 win over the Rays. That’s when Chapman brought a 101-mph fastball a little too close to Rays infielder Mike Brosseau’s head.

Teixeira alleges that he overheard Chapman taking delight in the near-miss on Wednesday, and tells ESPN that he believes Chapman’s performance on the field was intentional.

“He didn’t talk to the media afterwards. If I had done that and it wasn’t on purpose … First of all, I don’t stare the guy down after. You say, ‘Hey, I am sorry. It shouldn’t have happened. I didn’t mean it,’” Teixeira said on the radio show.

Additionally, he pointed out that Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly was booted for for eight games for a similar incident.

According to Teixeira, such inconsistency has caused fans to question the motives and standards of the league and commissioner Robert Manfred.

This could get interesting.