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Major League Baseball Is Back!

Tony Clark, MLBPA Executive Director joins Dan Patrick to talk about Major League Baseball coming back in a couple of weeks. As we inch another step closer to baseball starting up, MLB has announced the schedule for the 2020 season. Opening day will start on July 23rd with the World Series Champions Washington Nationals vs the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs the San Francisco Giants. The other 26 teams will start their seasons on July 24th.

This will give small market teams to start off fresh during the 60-game sprint to the postseason. All of our favorite local rivalries will still be there, but teams will be confined to games in their division. This means teams in the AL East will only play the AL East and the NL East.

The MLBPA did make a final push for a 70-game season, but some within the union believe MLB slow-walked the negotiations to shorten the window. So, it’s pretty clear now where MLB stood all along. Commissioner Rob Manfred said more than 60 games was never an option for MLB as it simply wasn’t feasible to do during a pandemic in an interview on “The Dan Patrick Show” last Wednesday.