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LSU upsets #6 Florida Gators in the Swamp in the fog


Talk about a Cinderella story, LSU upset the Gators because of a lost shoe.
Plus, Florida’s kicker missed a 51 yard field goal wide left in the final seconds to lose to the 4-5 LSU Tigers.

A penalty during LSU’s final possession kept their drive alive. A Florida player was called for throwing an LSU player’s cleat. The penalty allowed the Tigers to get into field goal range. The kick was clutch and good. The score 37-34 with :30 on the clock. Florida moved the ball well, but not close enough for the kicker to nail a personal best.

Earlier in the game, a circus interception catch paved the way for the upset.

The Gators will meet #1 Alabama in the SEC Championship next weekend. Bama destroyed LSU two weeks ago 55-17.