LeBron will make how much per game, per minute, per second?

ESPN reports LeBron James will make $35.65 million next season, followed by annual raises to $37.43 million, $39.21 million and $41 million by the final year of the contract. Breaking down the math even further we have come up approximate numbers for the 2018-2019 NBA campaign.
LeBron James will make $434, 757 per regular season game next year.  That comes out to $9,057 per minute and $151 per second.

Is LeBron James worth this kind of money?

Most of us will never see an annual salary of $434,757 much less make that in one day.  As a sports fan, you can’t think of it that way.  LeBron James is the best in the world at his craft, and his craft is in huge demand.
For the Lakers and their fans, it will all come down to banners.  If the Lakers are hanging championship banners, nobody will say a world.  The King does have his work cut out for him though as both Houston and Golden State are going to be tough opponents in the Western Conference.  Stay Tuned…