Leaders in Palm Beach County meet about migrant relocation plan

Authorities in Palm Beach County are scheduled to meet Friday afternoon to discuss a measure that will spend hundreds of immigrant families to Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

The measure, handed down by the Trump administration, is an effort to relieve some of the strain being place on officials at the Texas border.

According to Sheriff Ric Bradshaw, those released into the community are “family units,” and that they will be released pending an asylum hearing.

Governor, Ron DeSantis criticized the plan early Friday stating that we did not have enough resources to accommodate the families and that it would do more harm than good to the state:

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw echoed Gov. DeSantis sentiment stating:

It’s not a good plan,” Sheriff Bradshaw said. “We think it’s a danger to our community, and it’s gonna put a real strain on what the resources are.”

Sheriff Bradshaw also stated that he does not believe once the immigrants are released into the community that they will return for their hearings that will determine whether they are able to continue living in the states.

The closed door meeting will include officials from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Florida Department of Health and other public concern agencies were said to be included in the meeting.

The Mayor of Palm Beach County joined The South Florida Morning show this morning, hear what he had to say about the measure:

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