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Latest Mock Draft Has The Dolphins Picking A QB Not Named Tua

By Stephen Diener

The pick is in…or at least Mel Kiper’s latest mock draft is in. And depending on where you stand on the great quarterback debate, you may be happy or furious.

According to Kiper’s mock draft 4.0, he now has Miami passing up on Tua at the 5 spot and picking Oregon QB Justin Herbert, with Tua then falling to the Chargers at 6.

If this scenario comes to fruition, there will be many Phins fans who will be less than happy, my self included.

I have long been a proponent of Tua, but let me make myself clear, that does not mean that I think Justin Herbert is a terrible option. He will be a serviceable starter in the league and probably even have a couple of playoff trips. I like to compare him to Carson Palmer.

But lest we forget how good Tua was before the injury. Not to mention that he has been cleared by numerous doctors and has been said to look like his old self during his recent workouts.

Let’s also remember the last quarterback who the Dolphins passed up on due to injury concerns *cough, Drew Brees, *cough.

That being said, Miami has a golden opportunity to get a true franchise QB along with filling a few other holes with their 18th pick and 26th pick overall. If Tua actually does fall to 5, it would be like staring a gift horse in the mouth and walking right by it.

If Miami plays their cards right, they could have their QB, OT, and possibly their RB, or another position of need such as Safety, all within the first round.

I’m personally hoping for a running back such as Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin or D’Andre Swift out of Georgia. Those are two great RB’s that could feasibly fall in the Dolphins lap, so a lot could go their way if they play their cards right.

But it starts with the quarterback.

You just have to choose the right one.