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Latest Cold Front Not Such a “Big Chill”


Ne need to bust out the boots and sweaters, because an approaching cold front is not going to be that chilly. However, it should qualify as “open-window-weather.”
The cold front is forecast to push into the Florida Straits tonight, ushering in cooler and drier air up and down the Florida peninsula.

Wednesday’s forecast high in Miami is 76 with winds gusting into the low-30-mph range. Lows are not expected to go below 70 degrees because winds are out of the northeast, according to the National Weather Service, with interior areas dipping into the mid-60s.

Before the cool front moved through almost three-quarters of an inch of rain fell in West Palm Beach overnight, bringing the monthly total so far to more than 7 inches. West Palm Beach has had more than 22 inches of rain since October 1.

Upstate, tonight’s forecast low in Orlando is 57; Wednesday’s forecast high is 71. Tampa: 54 and 75. Gainesville: 46 and 67. Jacksonville, 49 and 63. Tallahassee, 46 and 65.

TROPICS WATCH: Hurricane Iota made landfall in northeastern Nicaragua as a Cat 4 at 10:40 EST with winds of 155 mph. The storm made landfall just 15 miles south of where Hurricane Eta made landfall on November 3rd.

By 7 a.m. this morning, Iota’s winds were down to 85 mph as it continued west across Central America. The storm is forecast to dissipate by Wednesday night and not reemerge in the Gulf of Mexico.