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Judge hands down first death sentence in Palm Beach County since 2002 to man who murdered mom and her kid


A killer of a West Palm Beach mother and daughter has been sentenced to death.

Marlin Joseph, 29, received a death sentence Thursday for the Dec. 28, 2017, murders of Kaladaa Crowell, 36, and her 11-year-old daughter, Kyra Inglett, at a home on Third Street in West Palm Beach.

Judge Cheryl Caracuzzo handed down Palm Beach County’s first death sentence since 2002.

Joseph was convicted in February and a 12-person jury unanimously recommended capital punishment.

He lived in the same home as the victims before shooting them in the head.

Prosecutors said during trial that Joseph was angry about the way Kyra was treating his 8-year-old daughter.

“You have not only forfeited your right to live among us, but under the laws of the state of Florida you have forfeited your right to live at all,” Caracuzzo said.

Joseph will be incarcerated at the Florida State Prison, where he will remain on death row until such time that the governor signs a warrant for his execution.