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Jimmy Butler Has Message For Pacers’ T.J. Warren After Altercation

Ahh, it feels like old times between the Pacers and Heat.

During Wednesday night’s matchup between the Heat and Pacers, Jimmy Butler and T.J. Warren got into a bit of a physical altercation.

During the third quarter, Warren grabbed and fouled Butler, which then spilled over into an expletive-laden argument that required them to be separated.

On the next possession, the taunting continued, leading officials to toss Warren.

Butler managed to get the last word in twice. First, as Warren left the game, the Heat star blew him a kiss.

Afterward, he then opened his phone. Posting a screen capture of the pair’s next scheduled meeting to Instagram, Butler added the caption: “Don’t be mad you can’t guard me. We will see what you about in March.”

Yes, just like old times indeed.