It’s time for the NBA Finals

The Oklahoma City Thunder team run through drills during practice, Monday, June 11, 2012, in Oklahoma City. Game 1 of the NBA finals basketball between the Miami Heat and Thunder is scheduled for Tuesday. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Instead of watching the Heat, unfortunately, South Florida is only feeling it.

The Warriors will go for their third straight title beginning Thursday in Toronto.

We are in the midst of the Golden State era, but the question is: how much longer will that last?

When the Warriors break up, and who knows when that will be, the Heat need to be ready to strike.

There is no sense right now for Pat Riley to do anything crazy with the current Heat roster. If he did, where would it get them?

The Heat need to let their bad contracts expire and then be ready to make a run.

It was not long ago that the Heat were national news every night.

Right now, and without Dwyane Wade, the Heat are only local news.

If Riley still has it in him and top-tier players still value South Florida for everything it has to offer, Miami can take over the NBA yet again.

We just have to wait.