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Is The Big Ten Changing Its Mind About Fall Football?

Last week, the Big Ten announced it was postponing its fall sports season until at least the spring.

But could the Power 5 conference change its mind about fall football? At least one reporter thinks so.

Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch cited a source who “worked inside college football programs”, that believes the Big Ten might reconsider based on “pressure from parents, players and some schools.”

Two more possible factors could be waiver liability and the development of a new saliva-based COVID-19 test.

While the Big Ten and Pac-12 both postponed their fall seasons last week, the remaining ‘Power 5’ conferences – THE Big 12, SEC, and ACC – have indicated they still intend to play football this fall.

Which is more likely – the Big Ten reverses course, or the rest of the Power 5 cancels the season?