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How WWE Shined Through The Darkest Of Times On Wrestlemania Weekend

The Undertaker
World Wrestling Entertainment star, The Undertaker, is greeted by fans during the WWE Super ShowDown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, late Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)

The immediate aftermath of Wrestlemania 36 had the social media world in a frenzy.

Some fans wrote that this Wrestlemania will be the most forgettable in history.

There were also fans that showed appreciation to Vince McMahon and the WWE by having an event despite not being able to have a single fan in attendance due to the Coronavirus.

For the first time in a long time, arguably since the “Monday Night War” vs WCW, the WWE had their back against the wall and delivered.

With every professional sport being postponed or cancelled, the WWE stepped up this weekend and for the first time ever split Wrestlemania into TWO nights.

The “Show of Shows” was highlighted on night one with a creative ‘Boneyard Match’ between AJ Styles and The Undertaker. It was far from your typical match, where the two future hall of famer’s fought at a grave sight. It was more like a well directed movie that capture the Undertaker and Styles in a real acting role. Portraying a combination of the Phenom and The American Badass, Taker got the last laugh as he rose from being temporarily knocked out in the grave and ended up throwing Styles in and buying him to improve his all time Wrestlemania record to 25-2.

The triple threat ladder match was also a thing of beauty between John Morrison, Jimmy Uso, and Kofi Kingston. The match was highlighted by the athletic ability of all three stars, but eyes widened when Morrison walked the entire ring rope and transitioned into hitting a Spanish Fly on Kingston from the top turnbuckle. The match had a ton of spots and ended with John Morrison being the first to pull the titles from the hook and retained the tag team championships.

Speaking of spots, Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins had plenty of them in a match that needed two falls to reach its conclusion. Owens ended up on top by Disqualification and after the match restarted, Owens hit the Monday Night Messiah with a stunner and pined him for the 3-count at KO Mania.

It took a lot to absorb four spears from Goldberg, but there’s not too many that are built like Braun Strowman. After hitting four consecutive powerslam’s of his own, the “Monster Among Men” finally won the Universal Championship in the fastest match of the night.

Night Two

Night two of Wrestlemania 36 could be described in many ways, but I’m going to go with interesting. The story telling of Edge and Randy Orton was perfectly done, but the match itself was too lengthy. It almost felt that the objective was to give fans a 45 minute tour of the performance center rather than focusing on the match itself. The Match ended with Edge getting his revenge on Orton, with tears in his eyes, before he delivered a final con-chair-to to get the 10 count and left the Performance Center as the last man standing.

Charlotte Flair showcased why shes nicknamed “The Queen” after submitting Rhea Ripley to the figure 8.With the win, Flair became the new NXT Women’s champion. She now has 11 championship wins in her career.

In other spots, Otis finally got the girl and a kiss from Mandy Rose after his win over Dolph Ziggler. Aleister Black continued his domination with a black mass that knocked out Bobby Lashley. Bayley retained her Smackdown Women’s championship with a little help from Sasha Banks and believe it or not “Gronk” walked in as the host of Wrestlemania and walked out as the new 24-7 Champion.

Bray Wyatt and John Cena’s  the Firefly Fun House highlighted the ups and downs of both men’s careers, but the match creatively teleport John Cena into different phases of his life/career. Fans also got to see what Cena looked like coming out to NWO colors at a ‘Monday Night Nitro’ WCW event. Add in Vince’s famous’ “That’s some good Sh*t ” line and you had yourself a well-edited movie that ended with the Fiend hitting Cena with a Sister Abigail and got the much needed victory. It was a definite head-scratcher, but entertaining as all hell.

Main Event: Drew McIntyre vs Brock Lesnar (C)

The match could’ve been a lot longer, but it certainly didn’t have a dull moment. McIntyre hit Brock with a Claymore less than a minute in to the opening bell and Brock responded with 3 F5’s that McIntyre impressively kicked out of. The Scottish Nightmare sealed the deal by hitting a total of 4 claymores in the match to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship.

Wrestlemania 36 wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but in a time of quarantine and isolation, it was exactly what we needed. The WWE shined through the darkest of times and allowed fans to have entertainment during this challenging period. A huge thank you to Vince and the WWE for risking their lives just to keep the Universe entertained.

A+ for effort and that’s the only rating that matters at a time like this.