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Houston is now stealing fan signs

Apparently, the Houston Astros aren’t done stealing signs.

Fans who turned out to see the opening spring game between Houston and Washington Saturday in Palm Beach, Florida had their signs stolen, literally.

MLive.com’s Josh Slagter reports, signs of any kind aren’t allowed at the ballpark.

One fan’s sign simply read “Houston *’s.” Another held a sign, hand written on a piece of paper, reading, “Shame on you Astros. Boo!”

As if that wasn’t enough, “boos” rang out in chorus every time the PA announcer said “Astros.”

Fans even berated Orbit, the Astros mascot, with jeers of “Cheaters!” Luckily, for the Astros, the game was rained out after just two innings.

Do you think the “boos” will persist through the entire season? Will Astros ticket sales suffer?

Should fans boycott all Astros road games in an effort to get their home fields to lobby the league to suspend Houston for the season?